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An Ascended Master

I am often known as the Tibetan, as the last incarnation which I experienced on the beautiful planet Earth, was as a monk in Tibet. It is the privilege and power of those beings seeking to ascend the earthly realm to have experienced a variety of the spiritual philosophies, traditions and teachings that have evolved for humanity. It is from the point of view of Zen that I bring forward this particular message. I also bring the energy of the Second Ray; the Ray of Love and Wisdom; the Healing Ray. This Ray of the Divine is with everyone who seeks to heal from the heart. If you are a healer, you will embrace this Ray in your consciousness.

These two aspects of the wisdom and energy that I can hold can seem very contradictory. Zen tells us that there is nothing to do and that the spiritual path is the process to realising that there is no path and that everything is Divinely perfect now.

In contrast, it is very interesting to perceive the philosophy and thinking that comes with the concept of healing. I observe that for many years a powerful message has been broadcast, that disease is present when something is wrong and indeed it may be the perception that that person has done something wrong to create or deserve this disease. The idea of solving problems, curing situations, indeed healing, has anchored into the human consciousness the concept of a path of improvement towards perfection and if this is done successfully, enlightenment or Ascension will take place.

The message of improvement and the need to improve is a constant mantra on earth. You encourage the toddler to improve its walking ability, the student to improve its spelling and mathematics; you hope your governments would improve, that safety will improve. There is so much striving, aiming at future goals. This causes so much discontentment, dissatisfaction, pain and most of all, what you describe as stress.

Most healing modalities, not only in the medical model but within your spiritual philosophy as well, have deeply embraced the need to improve. You have the model of an onion where each healing is removing a layer. Have you noticed that you have not found the middle of the onion yet and that after each layer another layer is revealed? This model has distracted you from the truth.

I now go back to putting on the hat, if you will (laugh) of the Zen master. Enlightenment, Ascension and the root of all bliss is not on the path. The path is the path is the path. There can only be a path if there is somewhere to go and can only be somewhere to go if here and now is not perfect! What you call Ascension or enlightenment is not the end of the path. This is the greatest illusion. It can happen in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, in the middle of the supermarket. It can happen BUT what is it and how? I hear you ask.

It IS "Falling in Love with Yourself. x 

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