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  • Angelic Reiki Healing is a unique, multidimensional healing direct from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Master's, Galactic Healers and other Beings of Light.
  • It treats the cause of any condition, transmutes trauma, heals past life issues and aids fulfilment of one's souls purpose.
  • Assists mothers during any stage of pregnancy.
  • Supports change and assists moves towards happier more personally empowered living.

Angelic Reiki is a safe, completely natural system of Angelic Healing which can address physical, emotional and psychological imbalances as well as provide healing in connection with spiritual issues.

Angelic Reiki healing treatments are suitable for anyone, of any age, who is ready, not just to accept the power of Angelic healing, but who is truly ready to embrace the "invitation to change", offered by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers and other Beings of Light, which includes the challenge of facing up to and dealing with your troubles and fears, rather that suppressing them and which in turn will cause dis-ease with the body.

The divine energy of Angelic Reiki, by its very nature, creates balance. It searches out anything within our consciousness, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually that is out of balance. It therefore goes right to the core of issues and conditions, it also expands consciousness, changing how we see/understand things on many levels, about ourselves, others and our world.

Angelic Reiki healing treatments facilitate this process and supports you in letting go of physical, genetic, emotional, mental and karmic imbalances throughout all time and space, to allow healing of core issues, which can help in embracing a happier more fulfilled life.




Angelic Reiki healing sessions lasts approx 1 hour and connects you at soul level with the Angelic Realms.

Treatments involve a gentle touch by placing a hand on your heart center and one hand above your solar plexus as you lie on a therapy couch, fully clothed, or you can sit on a chair.

You will feel relaxed, warm and safe while the Angels connect with you through your consciousness, to bring whatever healing best suits your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs at that particular time.

During a treatment both the practitioner and client are bathed in the bliss and oneness of divine unconditional love.

Angelic Reiki aligns you with your higher self and allows the purist multidimensional Angelic healing energies to facilitate balance and promote wellbeing.

It is a true blessing to receive and to give these treatments.

We are holding Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions in our home in Great Eccleston, Nr Preston. Your special session will include a short meditation, hands on healing and an Angel card reading if you so wish. If you would like to book for yourself or a friend, then please contact me on here or on 07988 634721.  If after your 1st session you feel drawn to enrol on our 1 & 2 workshop then the cost will be deducted from the balance owing. The cost of your healing session will be £30.00 per person. Please contact me to discuss your requirement. x

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