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Every person who chooses, from their own free will, to expand their current level of consciousness into a higher level will activate the Christ Seed within themselves. Once you have decided to ascend (raise your frequency) your highest guides, angels, Ascended Masters, spiritual self and God will begin working with you to help you prepare your energetic system for the descension of your Christ self to be brought into your physical being. Once your system has been properly prepared your Christ seed with be activated in perfect divine timing for you. Your intention, your active participation in the clearing of your chakras/energy fields, the expansion of your consciousness and the raising of the physical body's vibration is all that is required of you. Have faith in yourself and the universe - trusting that everything that needs to be shown to you will be shown, everything that needs to be cleared and released will be and everything that needs to be provided will be provided . Everything is in divine order and each of us is lovingly guided and cared for. We have tremendous support from the spiritual realms to help us with our highest and best good.

Celebrate your transition! Each of us entering into our divine birth rights and becoming our Christ selves! Surrender to this process and allow the truth of your being to be born.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. Meditation is the key to spiritual growth: it raises the vibration of your entire being and brings more and more of your true spiritual essence down into your physical body every time you meditate. Prayer is talking to

to God, meditation is receiving God. Meditation raises your vibrations, opens and aligns your chakras, clears out discordant energy from your energy fields, reduces stress, brings you into balance and heals you emotionally, mentally, physically and

spiritually. It is also the only way for you to enter a sacred space with your spiritual self.

Allow yourself to receive enough rest. During sleep, each of us needs to reach a state of relaxation to move into deep REM so our astral bodies can lift out of our physical bodies, replenishing our life-force energy. This is why we sleep, to rejuvenate our entire energetic and physical systems.

Find an Angelic Reiki Master that resonates with you, many healers have already awakened and continue to awaken to their divine missions. They are spread all over the Earth to assist humanity in the clearing of their energy fields. They are invaluable. Healers have gone through a deep healing process themselves, allowing their system to be purified enough so they can sustain the very high-vibrational healing energies of God to flow through them, they can remove large amounts of discordant energy out of your energy field, much faster than you doing it by yourself, helping you to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

Receive an attunement from an Angelic Reiki Master, as this can be very powerful. An attunement is a sacred initiation activating you to channel an increased level of universal life-force energies through your being. When you receive an attunement, your vibration is raised and your energetic system is cleared, opening you up to high levels of healing energy. An attunement is a very deep level of healing that will connect you more strongly to your spiritual self and clear out karmic energy that is ready to be released, which will help you to heal yourself, your family, pets and the earth.

Doesn't it all make perfect sense to you, wouldn't it be wonderful and magical to receive these attunements. You can do this quite easily by enrolling on the degree workshops and finding out for yourself, its life changing and can happen to everyone.

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