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As a healer, either newly qualified or a long term healer, it can be challenging but totally rewarding at the same time.

When doing a healing exchange, once the room is prepared and I am prepared etc, as I'm about to start this process I say once again: "I dedicate this space to the most perfect healing for the person in front of me."

It's important for the healer to be aware of his or her own consciousness. We just have to turn up and hold that space but it can be challenging as a healer to totally let go of all the outcomes for the person in front of us. We need to scan our consciousness and check "Do I hope that this person will get better?" If so, then get rid of that thought. The same with "Am I worried that they may not feel anything, it may not work and I haven't done many healings?" and all the rest of it - breathe it away so that you are turning up for that healing without any agenda at all. No hope, no anticipation, you've just turned up.

You are the CONSCIOUSNESS that is holding that space and if you have any agenda in your consciousness, that agenda is also in the healing space.

Angelic Reiki is simply an invitation to know who you really are and an invitation for that knowing to deepen.

Within an Angelic Reiki workshop, you will learn to feel with all your senses the energy's that are created in that space.

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